New Scots Integration Strategy

The Scottish Government, COSLA and the Scottish Refugee Council are developing a new refugee integration strategy for Scotland for the next few years. They want to hear input from our churches, organisations and community at large.
This is a great opportunity to help shape the Scottish priorities in helping refugees integrate in our communities. Would you consider hosting an event at your church or community organisation? Or, this can be an item of discussion at an existing event (a prayer meeting? a committee meeting? etc.).  They are looking for feedback on three questions:
1. Thinking about refugee integration in Scotland, what issues are important to you now?
2. What changes do you want to see by 2020 and why?

3. What can you, your community or your organisation do to contribute to that change?

For more information and to find the 2014-2017 New Scots Integration Strategy Report and a helpful Facilitation Guide to host an event, please visit:

Events must be held by 7 September and feedback be returned by 15 September.

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