Seven minutes of silence for Syria

March 2018 marked the end of the seventh year of the conflict in Syria.

To mark this anniversary, Edinburgh Churches for Sanctuary joined with others in the city to stand in silent contemplation for seven minutes, in solidarity with those who long for peace in that land.

We lit seven candles, which were extinguished by the rain. We spoke of hope and longed for peace.

Seven minutes placard

Our silence has helped us to mark the seven years of conflict in Syria.
Thank you for standing with us to show our solidarity with those who are suffering.
We think particularly of those who have fled the conflict and are finding sanctuary here in our city of Edinburgh.
As we continue to welcome them and walk alongside them, let us share their hope for peace in Syria.
We hope and pray that we will not need to stand here in 2019 to mark another year of war.
We have taken a stand in solidarity, knowing that there is a light that dispels the darkness.
Let us go in peace. 

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